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Recent publications in peer-reviewed international journals



V.A. Saveleva,∗ L. Wang, O. Kasian, M. Batuk, J. Hadermann, J.-J. Gallet, F. Bournel, N. Alonso-Vante, G. Ozouf, C. Beauger, K.J.J. Mayrhofer, S. Cherevko, A.S. Gago, K.A. Friedrich, S. Zafeiratos and E.R. Savinova “Insight into the mechanisms of high activity and stability of iridium supported on antimony-doped tin oxide aerogel for anodes of proton exchange membrane water electrolysers”, ACS Catalysis, In Press.

I. Khalakhan,∗ L. Supik, M. Vorokhta, Y. Yakovlev, Milan Dopita, D.J.S. Sandbeck, S. Cherevko, K. Veltruská, I. Matolínová “Compositionally tuned magnetron co-sputtered PtxNi100 − x alloy as a cathode catalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cells ”, Applied Surface Science, In Press.

T. Weber, T. Ortmann, D. Escalera-López, M.J.S. Abba, B. Mogwitz, S. Cherevko, M. Rohnke, H. Over∗ “Visualizing potential-induced pitting corrosion of ultrathin single-crystalline IrO2(110) films on RuO2(110)/Ru(0001) under electrochemical water splitting conditions”, ChemCatChem, In Press


K. Ehelebe,∗ D. Seeberger, M.T.Y. Paul, S. Thiele, K.J.J. Mayrhofer, S. Cherevko∗ “Evaluating electrocatalysts at relevant currents in a half-cell: The impact of Pt loading on oxygen reduction reaction”, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 166(16) (2019) F1259-F1268.

O. Kasian,∗ S. Geiger, T. Li, J.-P. Grote, K. Schweinar, S. Zhang, C. Scheu, D. Raabe, S. Cherevko, B. Gault∗ and K.J.J. Mayrhofer∗ “Degradation of iridium oxides via oxygen evolution from the lattice: correlating atomic scale structure with reaction mechanisms”, Energy Environmental Science, 12 (2019) 3548-3555.

V. Shkirskiy,∗ F.D. Speck, N. Kulyk, S. Cherevko∗ “On the time resolution of electrochemical scanning flow cell coupled to downstream analysis”, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 166(16) (2019) H866-H870.

D.J.S. Sandbeck∗, O. Brummel, K.J.J. Mayrhofer, J. Libuda, I. Katsounaros, S. Cherevko∗ “Dissolution of platinum single crystals in acidic medium”, ChemPhysChem, 20(22) (2019) 2997-3003. Invited. Special
Issue: Electrocatalysis.

F. Speck∗, P.G. Santori, F. Jaouen, S. Cherevko∗ “Mechanisms of manganese oxide electrocatalysts degradation during oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reactions”, The Journal Of Physical Chemistry C, 123
(41) (2019) 25267-25277.

S. Zhang∗, M. Rohlo, O. Kasian, A.M. Mingers, K.J.J. Mayrhofer, A. Fischer, C. Scheu, S. Cherevko∗ “Dissolution of BiV O4 photoanodes revealed by time-resolved measurements under photoelectrochemical conditions ”, The Journal Of Physical Chemistry C, 123 (38) (2019) 23410-23418.

O. Kasian, S. Geiger, K.J.J. Mayrhofer, S. Cherevko∗ “Electrochemical on-line ICP-MS in electrocatalysis research”, The Chemical Record, 19(10) (2019) 2130-2142.

M. George, G.-R. Zhang,∗ N. Schmitt, K. Brunnengräber, D.J.S. Sandbeck, K.J.J. Mayrhofer, S. Cherevko, and B.J.M. Etzold∗ “The effect of ionic liquid modification on the ORR performance and degradation mechanism of trimetallic PtNiMo/C catalysts”, ACS Catalysis 9 (2019) 8682-8692.

J.G. Vos, Z. Liu, F.D. Speck, N. Perini, W. Fu, S. Cherevko, M.T.M. Koper∗ “Selectivity trends between oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution on iridium-based double perovskites in acidic media”, ACS Catalysis 9 (2019) 8561-8574.

E.S. Davydova∗, F.D. Speck, M.T.Y. Paul, D.R. Dekel,∗ S. Cherevko∗ “Stability limits of Ni-based hydrogen oxidation electrocatalysts for anion exchange membrane fuel cells”, ACS Catalysis 9 (2019) 6837-6845.

M. Ledendecker,∗ S. Geiger, K. Hengge, J. Lima, S. Cherevko, A.M. Mingers, D. Göhl, G.V. Fortunato, D.Jalalpoor, F. Schüth, C. Scheu, K.J.J. Mayrhofer∗ “Towards maximized utilization of iridium for the acidic oxygen evolution reaction”, Nano Research 12(9) (2019) 2275–2280.

P.G. Santori, F.D. Speck, J.Li, A.Zitolo, Q.Jia, S. Mukerjee, S. Cherevko,∗ and Frédéric Jaouen∗ “Effect of pyrolysis atmosphere and electrolyte pH on the oxygen reduction activity, stability and spectroscopic signature of FeNx moieties in Fe-N-C catalysts”, Journal of the Electrochemical Society 166(7) (2019) F3311-F3320.

N. Hodnik∗ and S. Cherevko∗ “Spot the dierence at the nanoscale: Identical location electron microscopy in electrocatalysis”, Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 15 (2019) 73-82.

G.C. da Silva,∗ K.J.J. Mayrhofer, E.A. Ticianelli, S. Cherevko∗ “The degradation of Pt-IrOx oxygen bifunctional catalysts”, Electrochimica Acta 308(10) (2019) 400-409


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G.-R. Zhang, T. Wolker, D.J.S. Sandbeck, M. Munoz, K.J.J. Mayrhofer, S. Cherevko, and B.J.M. Etzold∗ “Tuning the electrocatalytic performance of ionic liquid modified Pt catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction via cationic chain engineering”, ACS Catalysis 8 (2018) 8244-8254.

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S. Geiger,∗ O. Kasian, M. Ledendecker, E. Pizzutilo, A. Mingers, W.T. Fu, O. Diaz-Morales, Z. Li, T. Oellers, L. Fruchter, A. Ludwig, K.J.J Mayrhofer, M. Koper, and S. Cherevko∗ “The Stability-number as a metric for electrocatalyst stability benchmarking”, Nature Catalysis 1 (2018) 508-515.

F. Faisal, C. Stumm, M. Bertram, F. Waidhas, Y. Lykhach, S. Cherevko, F. Xiang, M. Ammon, M. Vorokhta, B. Šmíd, T. Skala, N. Tsud, A. Neitzel, K. Beranova, K. Prince, S. Geiger, O. Kasian, T. Wähler, R. Schuster, M. Schneider, V. Matolin, K.J.J Mayrhofer, O. Brummel,∗ and J. Libuda∗ “Electrifying model catalysts for understanding electrocatalytic reactions in liquid electrolytes”, Nature Materials 17 (2018) 592-598).

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O. Kasian,∗ S. Geiger, M. Schalenbach, A. Mingers, A. Savan, A. Ludwig, S. Cherevko, K.J.J. Mayrhofer∗ “Using instability of a non-stoichiometric mixed oxide oxygen evolution catalyst as a tool to improve its electrocatalytic performance”, Electrocatalysis 9 (2018) 139-145.

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M. Schalenbach,∗ F.D. Speck, M. Ledendecker, O. Kasian, D. Goehl, A. Mingers, B. Breitbachd, H. Springerd,S. Cherevko, K.J.J. Mayrhofer∗ “Nickel-molybdenum alloy catalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction: Activity and stability revised”, Electrochimica Acta 259 (2018) 1154-1161.

H. Schmies, A. Bergmann, J. Drnec, G. Wang, D. Teschner, S. Kühl, D. Sandbeck, S. Cherevko, M. Gocyla, M. Shviro, M. Heggen, V. Ramani, R. Dunin-Borkowski, K.J.J. Mayrhofer, P. Strasser∗ “Unravelling degradation pathways of oxide-supported Pt fuel cell nanocatalysts under in situ operating conditions”, Advanced Energy Materials, 8(4)(2018) 1701663(1-13).