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CO2 reduction


Researchers currently involved: Andreas Reichert (PhD student), Mario Löffler (PhD student)

Our work deals with the selective electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide to valuable products, with the outlook to develop CO2 electrolyzers which will be powered by renewable electricity. We are mostly interested in the formation of products which can be used as building blocks for further chemical syntheses, for instance carbon monoxide (for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis) or ethylene (for the production of plastics).

We use EC-RTMS to screen new catalyst materials and electrolytes in short time with high potential resolution, and to monitor transients in the formation of products. Additionally, long-term electrolysis is performed to quantify the products and determine the durability of new interfaces. We eventually aim to understand the performance and guide the tailored design of more complex porous interfaces which are used in CO2 electrolyzers.

We work closely with colleagues from HI ERN as well as with excellent partners from academia and industry, with complementary expertise on the synthesis and characterization of new materials, manufacturing and characterization of 3D porous interfaces, construction and operation of CO2 electrolyzers etc.

The work is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the projects eEthylen and Power-to-X.

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