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Our Vision

is to make solar electricity available every-where, at any time and at a competitive cost. In our group we develop models as well as metrology and analysis methods for predicting the energy yield and aging behavior for virtually any PV system for any application at any site of the world. We want to make sure that the full potential of Photovoltaics is realized - under any conditions.

PV-Testsite in ArzbergPV-Testsite in Arzberg
Copyright: ZAE Bayern

Our Infrastructure

AAA Flasher in our PV-Test LabAAA Flasher in our PV-Test Lab
Copyright: ZAE Bayern/Kurt Fuchs

is designed to characterize the performance of photovoltaic modules and systems through detailed electrical measurements and multiple imaging techniques, both indoors and out in the field under real world operating conditions. For this purpose we have

  • Outdoor testing field for ground- and tracker-mounted PV modules with high resolution weather and electrical yield monitoring
  • Rooftop PV test-field with high resolution module and string-resolved electrical and IR-Thermography monitoring
  • state-of-the-art drones (unmanned aerial vehicles, UAV) for PV-plant inspection by means of IR, visible and electroluminescence imaging
  • PV-testing lab with AAA table and tunnel flashers for full-size PV module rating (jV-characterization)
  • Non-destructive imaging lab with spectroscopic imaging and scanning methods (Raman, FTIR, PL, EL, Thermography, AFM, SEM)
  • Dark chamber for full-size module imaging characterization with automated xyz-stage for illimunated and dark Lock-in Thermography, Photoluminescence and Electroluminescence
  • Highly flexible and automated testing facility for static and dynamic mechanical loading of PV modules for degradation forecasts
  • Accelerated lifetime testing with variable temperatures (up to 1000°C, illumination (up to 500 suns) and atmospheres (controlled levels of humidity, O2, or other gases)

Our Team


Project COSIMA - Yield monitoring and forecasting

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