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Our Vision

Scara-robot and robotic arm handling OPV-substratesScara-robot and robotic arm handling OPV-substrates
Copyright: Kurt Fuchs/ZAE Bayern

is to revolutionize materials research and design. By linking state of the art materials modeling with high-throughput synthesis and formulation significantly more complex material combinations can be investigated than by traditional methods. By coupling these capabilities directly with application and characterization a simultaneous optimization of multiple performance parameters on the device level becomes possible. Through the addition of machine learning, big-data methods and state of the art optimization tools, the development of custom designed functional materials for the energy sector will be accelerated by 1-2 orders of magnitude!

Our Infrastructure

is customized for the fast and precise formulation and characterization of solutions, exploring large parameter spaces for solution formulation, manufacturing and characterizing electro-optical devices, energy materials and functional films.

For this purpose we have

  • Fully equipped chemical lab with clean room capabilities for semiconductor grade materials storage and handling
  • Semi-automated systems with pipetting robots and plate reader for pre-qualification of materials and inks
  • State of the art printing and coating lab for film deposition with nm precision
  • Fully automated research line for synthesis, ink formulation, film deposition, electrode evaporation, materials and substrate handling, characterization of up to 96 samples in parallel
  • Non-destructive imaging lab with spectroscopic and hyperspectral imaging and scanning methods (Raman, FTIR, PL, EL, Thermography, AFM, SEM)
  • Accelerated Lifetime testing with variable temperatures (up to 1000 °C, illumination (up to 500 suns) and atmospheres (con-trolled levels of humidity, O2, or other gases)
  • Database and IT infrastructure for data handling and analysis

At the heart of our research facilities is our fully automated research machine AMANDA which integrates all functions from solution handling, film processing, device finishing and characterization in one integrated platform.

AMANDA - Autonomous Materials and Device Application PlatformAMANDA - Autonomous Materials and Device Application Platform
Copyright: Kurt Fuchs/ZAE Bayern

Our Team