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Advertising division: IEK-11 - Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg for Renewable Energy
Reference number: Dynamics of Complex Fluids and Interfaces

Master Thesis: "Erosion in varying section channels"

When fluids flow across porous materials, they induce viscous stresses on the surface of the pores that eventually lead to erosion of the solid phase. Within this project we aim at deriving analytical models capable of predicting the dependence of the erosion on both the flow of the fluid phase and the geometry of the pore. Thanks to the analytical approach, several pore geometries and flow conditions will be explored, in particular paying attention to the relevance of the local properties of the surface of the pore. The outcome of this project, by shading light onto the relevant variables involved, will provide a useful tool to predict the behavior in real situations and to interpret experimental data.

Your profile:

  • Required: Bachelor in Physics, Chemical or Biological Engineering or related field.
  • Desired: Background in statistical mechanics
  • Desired: Background in fluid dynamics

Your tasks:

  • Derive the analytical model for erosion in porous materials and generate predictions
    about the erosion
  • Use the model to identify diverse regime. Is there any “resonant” regime in which erosion
    can be strongly amplified/hindered?
  • Critically analyze the results and compare them to the literature
  • Document and discuss the result

You're interested?

Please send your application via e-mail to:

Dr. Paolo Malgaretti
Phone: +49 9131-12538207
email: p.malgaretti@fz-juelich.de

Prof. Dr. Jens Harting
Head of Research Department
Phone: +49 911 32169-113
email: j.harting@fz-juelich.de

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