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Energy Storage Europe 2017

Joint Exhibition of IEK-11 and IEK-3 at Energy Storage Europe 2017 from March 14-16 in Düsseldorf, Germany

Stand of IEK-11 and IEK-3 at Energy Storage Europe 2017Joint Exhibition of IEK-11 and IEK-3 with (left to right) M. Frank, G. Sievi, H. Jorschick, A. Bulgarin and S. Apweiler

Among the 160 exhibitors at the Energy Storage Europe 2017 was a joint exhibition of Jülich´s Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg for Renewable Energy (IEK-11) and the Jülich´s Institute for Electrochemical Process Engineering (IEK-3). The research unit “Chemical Hydrogen Storage” of IEK-11 presented hydrogen storage in liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHCs) as a promising alternative for safe and efficient energy storage. At a small demonstration unit, the specialist audience was able to see hydrogen release from LOHCs at first hand. IEK-3 presented a solide oxide fuel cell (SOFC) stack and the current state of research in the field of electrochemical energy conversion as well as simulation results of a renewable energy concept for Germany. During the three days in Düsseldorf, there was great interest in current research of both Jülich´s institutes from companies, research facilities and public institutions. The pleasant atmosphere of the entire event enabled extensive networking to create a basis for new collaborative projects and to promote energy storage as important component of future energy systems.

Energy Storage Europe Expo offered a unique forum for the leading research institutes and companies of the storage industry. Energy Storage Europe 2017 is the trade fair with the world’s largest conference program on energy storage and grew by 35 percent to more than 4.200 visitors from over 55 countries compared to the previous year. The conferences include the 6th Energy Storage Conference (ESE) of Messe Düsseldorf and the 11th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2017) of EUROSOLAR e.V. The ESE dealt with all of the issues which arise on the way from research up to the market mature product. No matter whether these are business models, security issues, financial aspects or studies on future storage requirements. The renowned science conference IRES presented the latest research results for the storage of renewable energies. Here the focus lied on the manifold application possibilities, the framework conditions and practical examples of all renewable energies.
Gathering of people from the fields of science, economics and politics enabled an interdisciplinary exchange of information and provided unique insights into the wide range of storage technologies, from battery storage systems to thermal, chemical and mechanical storage units, right up to power-to-x.

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