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HI ERN participating in sporty activities

We do sports with the same passion as we do work on a better future with renewable energy!

Our newly founded football team participated at the legendary CBI football tournament on June 29th 2018, two teams and one single starter at the famous Ingolstadt Triahlon on June 10th 2018.

HI ERN football team at CBI Fußballturnier June 29thThe HI ERN football team. In front: Markus Bierling, Stefan Zitz, Othmane Aouane, Manuel Zellhöfer; In back: David McLaughlin, Daniel Berger, Olivier Ronsin, Björn König
Copyright: A. Kraus

Ingolstadt 2018TEAM HI ERN Ladies and TEAM OP am HI ERN with supporter Matti Meyer, Carolin Meyer, Anja Kraus, Philipp Kraus, Franz Xaver Mayr (a friendly supporter from medical school), Gabriel Sievi, Anna Ruhland (also a friendly supporter from medical school) ,
Copyright: HI ERN

Ingolstadt 2018TEAM HI ERN Ladies - Carolin Meyer, Anja Kraus, Susanne Spörler at the Trianthlon Ingolstadt
Copyright: HI ERN

Single Starter Daniel Berger at the Trianthlon IngolstadtSingle Starter Daniel Berger
Copyright: D. Berger

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