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PhD scholarship of the Heinrich Böll Foundation

Heinrich Böll Foundation grants Konrad Ehelebe a doctoral scholarship.

Konrad EhelebeCopyright: Konrad Ehelebe

The PhD student of the team Electrochemical Energy Conversion Konrad Ehelebe was selected in a multi-stage competition by the Heinrich Böll Foundation for a doctoral scholarship - Congratulations! With this scholarship, he will continue his research on development of hybrid methods in electrochemistry and bridging the gap between fundamental and applied electrocatalysis research.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation's Studienwerk supports students and doctoral candidates who have a positive attitude towards the goals of the green project, who share the basic values of the Heinrich Böll Foundation - democracy, ecology, solidarity and non-violence - and who are sociopolitically active. The Studienwerk sees the promotion of young talent as a contribution to democratic culture. This is why they are looking for personalities who are politically committed and think in an original and independent way. They support young people who will assume responsibility in politics, science and society in the future and who are committed to the basic values of the Heinrich Böll Foundation worldwide. The Studienwerk contributes to international understanding by promoting international exchange, intercultural dialogue and networking.

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