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HI ERN at "City Cycling" 2019

Once again this year, some of our employees pedalled for climate protection.

CO2 free on the road and thus make a contribution to climate protection -

With this main objective of the annual campaign "STADTRADELN" the employees of the Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nuremberg do not ask twice. After all, we have also committed ourselves to environmental protection by researching and developing sustainable and climate-neutral solutions for renewable energies.

The campaign, conceived as a competition, is intended to promote the switch from cars to bicycles with fun and enthusiasm. In addition to members of local parliaments, also citizens, school classes, associations, organisations and companies are invited to form teams and collect bike kilometres for their communities. The professionally and privately "cycle" kilometres are then published on the website www.stadtradeln.de , where you can compare yourself with other teams within your own municipality and with other municipalities.

The headquarter of our research institute is located in Erlangen, which is why we have gladly joined the community of Erlangen. For three consecutive weeks, 18 of our most athletic "Helmis" pedaled to promote cycling, climate protection and a better quality of life.

Winners of "City Cycling" 2019Winners of "City Cycling" 2019: from the left Gabriel Sievi, Dr. Holger Jorschick, Thomas Böhm
Copyright: HI ERN / M.Mikulaschek

Together our team reached 5455.60 km. This corresponds to a cycle tour from Erlangen to Casablanca (Morocco) and back. With this excellent result they could increase their previous year's performance by 633 km and save about 775kg CO2 emissions. As "Team HI ERN" our motivated employees left 64 teams behind and occupied the 19th place of our municipality. The community of Erlangen was able to record about 332,068 kilometres of cycling in 2019 and thus saved 47t CO2.

 Next year we will definitely be back again when it comes to cycling for climate protection. It is possible that in 2020 we will again be able to exceed the previous year's result when it comes to city cycling!

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