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FAU Energy and Climate Map

HI ERN professors are part of FAU's newly published expertise map for 'Energy and Climate Research"

Energy Climate MapCopyright: FAU / Michael Zimmerhackel

The HI ERN scientists Karl Mayrhofer, Peter Wasserscheid, Christoph Brabec, Jens Harting, Simon Thiele and Markus Bär and their research work are part of the new Energy and Climate Map of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU).

FAU has unique expertise in the area of energy and climate research. Experts from the natural sciences, engineering and economists work on innovative methods and processes for a holistic energy system - for example in the fields of photovoltaics and hydrogen economy, geothermal energy, electromobility, materials research and energy system analysis. In order to raise the visibility of this research, FAU has published the competence map. The FAU map is split into the four sections Understand, Shape, Apply and Reflect and thus provides an overview of FAU professors and their research work in this field.

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