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HI ERN scientists receive poster awards

The research at HI ERN in the field of renewable energies remains top-notch: two doctoral students from the institute were honored at this year's „71st Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry“ for their scientific posters, on which they presented their results.
Both scientists are working on significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the future: Mario Löffler is a doctoral student in the “Electrosynthesis” research team. His research ("Time-Resolved Investigation of Liquid CO2 Reduction Products on Copper and Oxide-Derived Copper Electrocatalysts") helps to synthesize substances such as chemicals or fuels that can be used by industry from climate-damaging greenhouse gas CO2. Konrad Ehelebe is a PhD student in the research group “Electrochemical Energy Conversion”. Using innovative methods, he bridges the gap between fundamental and applied research in the field of electrocatalysis („Bridging the Gap Between Fundamental and Applied Fuel Cell Electrocatalysis Using a Gas Diffusion Electrode Half-Cell“).

The conference of the "International Society of Electrochemistry", which was supposed to take place in the Serbian capital Belgrade at the beginning of September, had to be relocated to the internet due to the corona pandemic. This is why the discussion of the posters took place online this year.

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