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From Erlangen to Novosibirsk

"TEAM HI ERN" covered 4,826 kilometers in this year's City Cycling - and saved a lot of climate-damaging CO2.

The Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg does not only contribute to climate protection in the field of science. Once again our researchers participated in the City Cycling Initiative, which took place in autumn 2020.

This year "TEAM HI ERN" started with 19 members - and made impressive 4,826 kilometers in three weeks, which approximately is the distance between Erlangen and Novosibirsk, Russia. Five HI ERN employees even cracked the 500-kilometer mark. Each member covered an average of 254 kilometers by bike.

The City Cycling Initiative strives for climate-friendly mobility and encourages people to cover as many everyday trips as possible by bike within a 21-day period. Over 1400 municipalities in Germany took part this year, including the city of Erlangen. 41,157 tons of CO2 were saved here, 709 tons alone through "TEAM HI ERN".

Here you can find out more about how research at HI ERN in the field of renewable energies can save CO2 in the future: Fields of research at HI ERN

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