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New paper on degradation of Fe-N-C electrocatalyst

20/05/2019 - our work on degradation of Fe-N-C oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalyst is published in Journal of The Electrochemical Society

Our paper with title "Effect of Pyrolysis Atmosphere and Electrolyte pH on The Oxygen Reduction Activity, Stability and Spectroscopic Signature of FeNx Moieties in Fe-N-C Catalysts" is published in the focus issue "ON ADVANCES IN MODERN POLYMER ELECTROLYTE FUEL CELLS IN HONOR OF SHIMSHON GOTTESFELD" of Journal of The Electrochemical Socieity. It is a collaborative work between the EEC group and the group of Dr. Jaouen in which we compare stabiltiy of several promissing oxygen reduction reaction Fe-N-C electrocatalyst in acid and base electrolyte. Details can be found at the publishers page - LINK.

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