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Two new PhD students are joining our group!

08/05/2020   -   Welcome Ken and Maja!

We are glad to welcome Ken Jenewein and Maja Milosevic to join us in the near future!

Ken Jenewein from University of Applied Sciences Münster (Germany) will develop a high-throughput and automated workflow from synthesis towards physical and (photo)electrochemical characterization. Ken will investigate a vast number of multi-component material libraries to find more efficient and stable electrocatalysts for (photo)electrochemical water splitting and potentially CO2 reduction. 













Maja Milosevic from the University of Belgrade (Serbia) will conduct research in the field of PEM Water Electrolysis, of which the details can be found on our “Research” page. The focus of her research will be on the analysis of anode and cathode catalyst layers during intermittent operation. The main scope is to gain thorough understanding of the catalyst layers degradation in order to optimize the overall cell performance. This project will be realized with partners within HI ERN and outside.

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