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  4. We are looking forward to another excellent Bachelor thesis at HI-ERN:

We are looking forward to another excellent Bachelor thesis at HI-ERN:

15/10/2020 - Lena Bayer has completed her research on "How do larger PV modules behave under wind load?

How do larger PV modules behave under wind load? This is the question that Lena has addressed in her Bachelor thesis. In typical silicon solar panels, 60 individual solar cells are interconnected. For installers, especially for large PV systems, larger panels are advantageous. That is why manufacturers are now increasingly offering larger panels. Panels with 72 cells have established themselves as a second standard size. Under wind load, the panels act like a sail and bend. The larger a module is, the greater the deflection.

Lena's bachelor thesis investigated how this bending affects individual solar cells with existing cell cracks. Will the cracks grow and worsen the power yield of the modules in the future? Especially in the center of the panels, significant changes in the cells were observed when the panels were cyclically loaded. It was also found that for larger panels, smaller pressure loads were sufficient to reduce the performance of the entire panel than for smaller panels. It is therefore to be feared that the desire for larger solar panels can only be fulfilled at the cost of slightly higher defect rates. Dr. Claudia Buerhop-Lutz, who supervised the work at the Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nuremberg, says: "In her work, Lena succeeded in demonstrating the importance of temperature and elevation angle on the service life and crack formation of PV modules with cell cracks in realistic or operational experiments. This allowed us to successfully simulate another piece of the puzzle on the effect of cell cracks on module performance under real operating conditions using laboratory experiments."

We congratulate and wish Lena all the best!


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