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Vanessa participates in WW Science Slam

07/2021 - Vanessa "stars" in the i-MEET contribution to the annual FAU materials science department science slam

Vanessa Arango und Julian Haffner-SchirmerVanessa Arango und Julian Haffner-Schirmer
Copyright: Vanessa Arango und Julian Haffner-Schirmer

The FAU Materials Science Department holds an annual Sommerfest. In the past years this has always included a battle of the chairs in the form of a science slam. This year, for the second time due to Corona, this had to be held virtually. Therefore the contributions were turned into videos with the help of the RRZE of the FAU.

The contribution by Christoph's chair this year was called "let's drain our sun" and starred our HI ERN Team Member Vanessa Arango together with Julian Haffner-Schirmer from i-MEET. The main topic of the video is transparent solar cells or selective absorbers and their different applications in energy production. Thanks to Corona now everyone can watch it on the i-MEET homepages.Watch the video here.


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