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More than 500 Participants at the NGSE6

12/2021 -  Virtusal conference NGSE6 had more than 500 participants over 3 days

Our Next Generation Solar Energy Conference took place for the 6th time from Dec. 6th to Dec. 8th. This year we took a closer look at "Concepts to break the Detailed-Balance Limit". The conference was free of charge and organized as a virtual conference spread out over 3 days with 4 hours of presentations each day.

This year the NGSE was co-organized with NREL/University of Colorado at Boulder. Together we assembled an awesome lineup of 18 Speakers that gave either 45min Tutorials or 25min invited talks on
-Detailed-balance Limit and Fundamentals
-Multiple Exciton Generation
-Up and Down Conversion
-Singlet Fission
-Hot Electron Capture
-Emerging Concepts

The Speakers were:
Matt Beard (NREL), Felix Castellano (North Carolina State University), Bruno Ehrler (Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics), Shanhui Fan (Stanford University), Neil Greenham (Cambrige), Sandrine Heutz (Imperial College), Christopher Kay (Saarland University), Victor Klimov (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Thomas Kirchartz (Forschungszentrum Jülich), Jenny Nelson (Imperial College), Arthur Nozik (NREL) Osbel Almora Rodriguez (Universitat Jaume I), Sean Shaheen (University of Colorado Boulder), Ming Lee Tang (University of Utah), Michael Toney (University of Colorado Boulder), Anna Tröger (Wiley-VCH),
Rik Tykwinski (University of Alberta), Xiaoyang Zhu (Columbia University)

Full information on the NGSE can be found at www.ngse.info.


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