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Viperlab - Fully connected virtual and physical perovskite photovoltaics Lab

Perovskite semiconductors enable extremely cheap and powerful solar cells. Many research results on this class of materials are obtained in European laboratories. Current record efficiencies for single junction solar cells are now at 25.5%. HI ERN has several projects in materials screening and device development for perovskite solar cells. In VIPERLAB we will make our High Throughput infrastructure available for development projects with external partners.

VIPERLAB stands for „Fully connected virtual and physical perovskite photovoltaics Lab“. With VIPERLAB, the participating research institutions want to accelerate the development of perovskite PV technology in Europe and promote technology transfer to industry. To this end, they want to establish a close dialogue with the emerging perovskite industry in Europe, both with the help of new initiatives and with more established players such as the European solar industry association Solar Power Europe.

The participating institutions are among the best in European perovskite research. Within VIPERLAB, they will facilitate access to their laboratories and infrastructures so that research teams from public institutions or industry can work with the optimal equipment and methods. A database on materials and building elements will also be established, incorporating information on long-term performance and environmental and economic impacts. This database will enable evidence-based commercial and policy decisions.

Through close collaboration and tailor-made research services, VIPERLAB aims to give European industry a knowledge edge along the entire value chain.

The HI ERN department High Throughput Methods in Photovoltaics, with its AMANDA infrastructure is partner in this major European collaborative project to open up new opportunities for the European solar industry. The VIPERLAB project involves 15 renowned research institutions from Europe, as well as Switzerland and Great Britain. It will be funded within the framework of the EU's Horizon 2020 programme for the next three and a half years with a total of 5.5 million euros, from which the HI ERN will receive just about 645.000 euros.

VIPERLAB is funded under the European Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 (No 101006715) as part of the INFRAIA-Call - Integrating activities for starting communities.

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