1. Team Efficient Hydrogen Release
  2. Research


The research team focuses on energy storage technologies and their efficiency. A combination of fundamental and applied research is utilized to achieve improvements in energy storage technologies. This research follows an interdisciplinary approach between the two main fields of chemical thermodynamics and catalysis. Furthermore, aspects related to advanced separation processes, fuel cells and apparatuses as well as system analysis are studied by the researchers of the team.

The main field of research is the release of hydrogen from LOHCs (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier), such as (di)benzyl toluene. For this purpose, different catalytic approaches are followed:

  • research on novel catalytically active materials,
  • development of new catalyst carrier, and
  • works on polymer coated catalysts.

Yet, catalysis alone is not the sole foundation of the research program. Especially the thermodynamic analysis of the processes is of utmost importance for the team. This includes thermodynamics of chemical reactions as well as of the complete energy process. An additional topic that is evaluated by the team is the question of reliability and resilience of energy processes. This is particularly interesting for new technologies for which no long-term experience with field operation is available. Statistical methods are applied to reach conclusions on improving reliability and resilience of these technologies.