1. Team Efficient Hydrogen Release
  2. Alumnis


NameRole with us
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Karsten MüllerHead of Team
Dr. Mikhail GantmanPostdoc
Felix Uhrig              Master thesis on the reliability of LOHC based energy storage              
Adrian ZilmMaster thesis on polystyrene based catalyst carriers
Lina KoshnauMaster thesis on the synthesis of dehydrogenation catalysts
Robin FeichtingerMaster thesis on the identification for renewable energies in Turkey
Timo EnglMaster thesis on catalysts for transfer hydrogenation
Jonas RothMaster thesis on reactive distillation for hydrogen release
Lukas PoppResearch assistant working on the reliability of energy storage
Lukas MaurerMaster thesis on catalyst development for dehydrogenation of LOHC
Sejir BoubtaneResearch assistant in catalyst development
Nayeon KangMAP Literature Review
Monja GroteMaster thesis on reactive distillation for hydrogen release
Moritz BaumeisterBachelor thesis on reviewing catalysis concepts for the dehydrogenation of LOHCs
Sophia MirzaBachelor thesis on efficient hydrogen release from LOHCs
Karina TillmannsBachelor thesis on catalytst development for dehydrogenation of LOHCs
Leonie KnottBachelor thesis on the formation of side products during dehydrogenation of LOHCs
Niklas HehmkeBachelor thesis on vapour-liquid equilibria of LOHCs (collaboration with FAU, TVT)