1. Team Process Units for Chemical Hydrogen Storage
  2. Research


The focus of the research team is on apparatus and processes for chemical hydrogen storage. The team will focus on various aspects of this topic:

  • In the field of reactor and process development, novel reactor concepts for dehydrogenation and hydrogenation are developed and investigated on a laboratory and pilot scale. Models for design and scaling will then be developed for these reactors. In addition, a part of the team is currently working intensively on the investigation of the heat transfer from the heated wall to the catalyst and the mathematical description of this heat transfer.
  • In mixed gas hydrogenation, the effects of various impurities on catalysts and the hydrogenation process are investigated. This will be used, for example, to make steam reformates usable for the hydrogenation of LOHCs.
  • In the field of hydrogen purity, the effects of impurities in the LOHC will be investigated and ways of dealing with the resulting impurities in hydrogen will be sought.
  • In transfer hydrogenation, reactor concepts are investigated in order to use catalysts investigated in the team "Efficient hydrogen release" as efficiently as possible in the transfer hydrogenation of e.g. ketones.
  • In collaboration with the Research Unit of Simon Thiele, MEAs, membrane materials and new fuels for the direct LOHC fuel cell concept will be investigated.

In addition to research in the field of chemical hydrogen storage, part of the team is working on the conversion of biomass into oxomethylene ethers for use as diesel additives.